I began Mama's Place back in 1991 as a way to keep my aging parents envolved in the adventure of life. I figured that if you had meaning and purpose it would make the going easier since life is not always easy especially when you get older.

My mom had survived a massive brain stem stroke dropping to about 100 pounds in weight and having to learn to do basic skills once again. Humana hospital chain told me that 99% died by the time they get to the hospital and the other 1% die at the hospital. Mom not only survived but eventually came pretty well back. I told her I was proud of her and would name my first store after her thus MAMA'S PLACE - The Legend Continues. Dad suffered cancer and eventually lived by tube feeding in the stomach and breathing by a tube in the throat.

My parents have all passed with no one ever going into a nursing home since I turned my apartment into a small care center. Its not for the faint of heart taking your parents out but I wouldn't have done it any other way. We had the time of our lives.

In the process of helping my parents I learned alot about home remedies. We had some of the best doctors and medical facilities in the country and they all did an excellent job. Yet we went the old home remedy route because we found that the medical profession didn't always know what caused things or how to cure them.

Our first experiment was with PSORIASIS. Mom had a medical emergency declared because she had psoriasis on about 90% of her body. It became so bad that it was eating through the back of her leg and required surgery. The medical profession told us they didn't know what caused psoriasis nor how to cure it. We were getting hundreds of dollars of oinments every month but nothing seemed to work.

On a trip to Washington, D.C. I visited with one of my friend's who was an elderly lady with a case of arthritis. She told me about a navy doctor who was long deceased who had told her of something she used on her arthritis. What he had told her about was APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. She was using apple cider vinegar on her arms and feet and told me that it really relieved her pain.

Basicly she poured apple cider vinegar that she bought at a grocery store into a container and mixed it with warm water. The container was big enough to hold her feet or arm in and she just let it soak. It was said that it was the vinegar that drew out the poisen and the apple put in a healer. If using make sure its APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

Latter I found that one of my neighbors was mixing apple cider vinegar with honey thus turning it into cider and drinking it. He said it really relieved his shoulder pain and arthritis. After talking to my friend in Washington I decided to try it on my mom's psoriasis by letting her soak in it in warm water in the bathtub. Bought a gallon of it at the grocery store and dumped it into the tub and left her soak about an hour.

The next morning we looked at it. Never seen anything like this. After all the ointments that didn't work over several years this apple cider vinegar ate through this stuff in one day and it was truly remarkable. In a short period of time it was all gone. In time we learned that we didn't really need as much of it to do the job from our initial one gallon jug.

Mom's medical emergency was at the northwestern medical facility in Chicago. Our doctor had never seen anything like it and started recommending it to other patients. Unfortunately most didn't want old home remedies they were more confortable with modern medications of pills and ointments.

Personally I'm not a doctor and don't pretend to be. I was just somebody whose parents were in touble with serious medical problems and needed results. I'm happy that I heard about apple cider vinegar and was able to see the things it could do. Even though I never witnessed any negative effects one should always proceed with care.




Mama's Place is a rock and mineral shop and therefore I spend alot of time dealing with nature. This website is about what I believe is an aid in the relief of pain in regards to arthristis and joint pain. It is about magnetic hematite which is made into bracelets, anklets, necklaces and rings.

Hematite is considered a health stone by many and been used by many ancient civilization for an assortment of purposes. I have so many of my customers swear by this magnetic hematite over the years and tell me their situations that I decide to do a website with these items. They often say the tinted rainbow magnetic hematite is more powerful which are also harder to find in stores.

Most of the hematite jewelry today is really hematine which is a synthetic artificial magnetic material. This substance is believed to hold a better magnetic force than an equivalent hematite speciment.

As I said before I'm not a doctor and don't pretend to be I was just somebody whose parents were in trouble with serious medical problems and needed results. Even though I haven't witnessed any negative effects with magnetic hematite one should always proceed with care.


July 14, 2011




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(This website is not intended to render medical or professional services and should not be used for diagnosis or as a substitute for consultation with a physician or health care professional. The products are not being sold as medical devices or to replace professionally prescribed medical treatment. Do not use magnetic hematite jewelry if you are pregnant, wear a pacemaker, or any other form of electrical implant or device for medical reasons of any kind. If you have specific questions or concerns about your health you should consult your health care provider.)




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